The RC Bomb (ラジコンボム, Radio-Controlled Bomb, in Japan), also known as Robot Bomb, is a type of bomb that appears in some Bomberman games. When the player sets an RC Bomb and holds down the bomb button, the bomb will move away from Bomberman in the direction in which he is facing. It can then be moved with the directional buttons whenever it lands squarely on a tile space. Once the button has been released, the bomb will stop moving. Bomberman cannot move while he is controlling the movements of the bomb.[1]

In Bomberman Quest, it is called a Robot Bomb in the English versions. It detonates immediately once the player lets go of the assigned button. It has a circular explosion. When it is upgraded with a Fire item in the Bomb Workshop, the duration of its explosion is extended. It is given to the Bomberman by the Old Trading Card Man in Peace Town after he has collected all three of the Trading Cards.[2]

In Bomberman Tournament, the RC Bomb does not immediately detonate. It is formed when the Transistor is taken to a Bomb Shop.[3]


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