I haven't done anything... Why do you want to fight with me?

Pyro Commander, Bomberman Quest

Pyro Commander (バーニングコマンダー, Burning Commander, in Japan) is a member of the Four Commanders, a group of thieves led by Chaos Bomber. Appearing as a boss in the game Bomberman Quest, he has the ability to fly and is the strongest and most dangerous member of his team. His priority is the transportation of stolen goods. [1] He rules the Desert Zone.


In Bomberman Quest, the Four Commanders stole the four engines of the Bomber Shuttle that Bomberman was flying, forcing him to make an emergency landing on a nearby planet. Seeking to recover the fourth and final engine, Bomberman confronted Pyro Commander in the Desert Zone.

Pyro Commander did not understand why he and his friends were being captured by Bomberman, as he legitimately believed that their actions were not bad. [2] After a fight with Bomberman, he was captured, like the other Commanders.


Pyro Commander is relaxed and carefree, being the nicest member of the Commanders. Innocent and naive, he does not believe that stealing is wrong.

Boss Fight

Pyro Commander's bombs explode in a cross shape and have a Fire range of 5. His body floats around randomly and will not harm Bomberman on collision. He has 10 HP and yields the fourth engine as well as an Explosive Core upon his defeat.[3]


  • Pyro Commander's hands will fly around aimlessly and shoot fireballs or cutters toward the bottom of the screen. Touching his hands will not damage Bomberman, but the projectiles will.
  • When his hands return to his body, Pyro Commander will drop bombs ceaselessly until his hands leave his body once again.


  • The Wings may be used to escape Pyro Commander's large explosions.
  • Because he is airborne, Pyro Commander is only vulnerable to bombs that have circular explosions, such as the Flak Bomb. He cannot be stunned. If one of these bombs has been upgraded with [Fire]] items, its explosions will last longer on the screen, providing a better chance that the boss will fly into the explosion.
  • The Homing Bomb can be used with the Power Glove, but the player must forfeit the use of the Wings in order to utilize such a strategy.



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