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Pyramid Gan:G is the boss of Achi Achi Mountain. He is the second boss of Bomberman '94.


Pyramid Gan:G moves at a steady pace, constantly seeking Bomberman. He will hurt Bomberman on contact. Occasionally, he will stop moving and fire an attack.

  • Rocket Punch (ロケットパンチ, Rokettopanchi) - Pyramid Gan:G fires both arms as rockets, which fly in in circular patterns toward Bomberman and will harm him on contact. Eventually, they will leave the screen. When they return to the body, he stops moving. This attack will always be fired while Gan:G is facing downward.
  • Jump - When a bomb is nearby, Gan:G may jump to another tile space, evading blasts while in the air and stunning Bomberman when he lands. The stun effect cannot be avoided.
  • Lava - Gan:G shoots three flames from his head, which fall on the ground in different tile spaces. When a flame lands, lava spreads out like a bomb blast, reaching out to two tile spaces from the origin on each side. It will harm Bomberman and detonate bombs on contact.


While the rocket punch and lava attacks can be dodged, the jump attack cannot, and Bomberman will always be stunned when Pyramid Gan:G lands. This can make it dangerous since the bomb blast can hit Bomberman while he is incapacitated. It is crucial that Bomberman is moved into a safe location at the right time so that he is not destroyed by his own bombs.


  • The name "Gan:G" (ガンジ, ganji) seems to derive from the Japanese word "ganjō" (頑丈), meaning "strong". Pyramid Gan:G is repeatedly labeled as a strong boss in Bomberman Maniax.
  • Aside from the final boss, Pyramid Gan:G is the only boss in Bomberman' 94 that has its own unique music.


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