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Pyonta (ピョンタ, Pyonta) is an enemy in Bomberman World and Bomberman Portable.


Bomberman World[]

In Bomberman World, Pyonta appears on Planet Forest. It moves randomly at a normal pace in increments of two tile spaces, jumping over the intermediate tile. It can jump over two blocks or bombs. It never reverses directions unless it finds a dead end.

Its jumping ability makes it especially hard to defeat. It can be easily ignored if the player collects all Crystals that open the Exit. Pyonta can only be defeated if it is on the ground. On the ground, it will harm the player on collision. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 100 points.

Bomberman Portable[]

In Bomberman Portable, Pyonta appears on Jungle World and Desert World. Each level features a different colored version; green and yellow. Both versions take 1 hit to defeat. Green versions yields a score of 200 points, while the yellow ones, 400 points.



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