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Puuyan, Bomberman Quest

Puuyan, also known as Puyan[1], is an enemy that appears in Pocket Bomberman and Bomberman Quest. It is a large fish monster.

Pocket Bomberman

Puyansprite Puyan moves slowly in diagonal lines. When it collides with a wall or bomb from below or from above, it will reverse its vertical direction; if the obstacle is to its left or right side, it will reverse its horizontal direction. It will harm the player on collision.

Bomberman Quest

Puuyansprite Puuyan moves around aimlessly within the water. Every now and then, it will leap out of the water and throw three bubbles at Bomberman in a spread shot. Both the bubbles and Puuyan will harm Bomberman on collision. In order to defeat Puuyan and claim its item, the Scuba Gear is recommended. The Aqua Bomb is also necessary in order to plant bombs in the water. Puuyan can be harmed while it is underwater. It has 6 HP and yields a Fire item upon its defeat.[2]



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