Push is an item that appears in Super Bomberman 4.[1] As an ability in general, it is known as the "Bomber Push".[2]


By pressing the Y button, a player who has the Push item will move one tile space forward and will thrust away any other player who is caught in his or her path."[2] The pushed player will move three tile spaces in the direction that the pushing player is facing.

Both the Push and the Punch items can be used at the same time.


The Push ability can be used to push another player into an explosion or into the path of a bomb that is about to explode.[2] It can also be used to push players into certain traps, such as a Cliff or the Electric Rope, or into Skull items.

While being pushed, a player cannot perform any actions until he or she stops moving. A player who is holding down the B button (the same button that is used to trigger special attacks in the game) cannot be pushed (as shown in the gallery below).[2]

In the Normal Game, if both players simultaneously push on certain Hard Blocks, they will reveal a Bonus Stage Entrance.

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