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Purupuroon, Bomberman Quest

Purupuroon[1], also known as Balballoon, is an enemy that appears in Pocket Bomberman and Bomberman Quest.

Pocket Bomberman

Purupuroonsprite Purupuroon moves slowly, flying through the air. It moves three tile spaces in a straight line before it pauses, chooses a random direction, and continues to move. It also pauses and changes its direction upon colliding with a wall or bomb. It will harm the player on collision.

Bomberman Quest

Balbaloon flies through the air aimlessly, firing propellers in whichever direction it faces. When it begins to fire, it will fire five propellers in succession before it ceases fire. The propellers that it fires will harm Bomberman on collision, but Balballoon itself will only harm Bomberman if it is on the ground.

Because it is in the air, it must be knocked down with a thrown bomb in order to be harmed with normal bombs. A bomb with a circular explosion, such as the Flak Bomb, is able to damage it while it is in the air. Balbaloon has 4 HP and yields the Wide-range Bomb upon its defeat.[2]



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