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Pteradon is a pterosaur-like Charabom in the Bomberman series.

Bomberman Max[]

  • Location: Found in Area 4-04 (Blue Version).
  • Special Attack: Fire Bow

Bomberman Tournament[]


Just south of Plasma Base in Ice Valley, a certain ice block contains an Ice Flower. If Bomberman takes it, Pteradon will fly down and eat a petal off of it. He will then join Bomberman.

Max Stats[]

Attribute:EleFire (Fire)
SmallHp 180


When he is set, the power of all bombs will decrease by one stage.

Special Attack[]

His Special Attack is FireBow; he leans forward slightly and launches multiple fire arrows at the opponent.

Bomberman Max 2[]

  • Location: Found in Area 4-05 (Blue Version)
  • Ability: Land Mines. Bombs will be changed to Landmines and explode when touched.

Bomberman Generation[]

  • Location: Found in TakoDesert, on Tako Temple.
  • Ability: Bomb Jump. Makes your character jump when landing on a bomb.

Bomberman Jetters: Densetsu no Bomberman[]

Pteradon is in the LV2 Charabom evolution. His ability is to make the bombs detonate more slower and also raises their firepower. His current evolution allows more firepower than his standard form. He can evolve into 2 additional forms.


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