Psycho Man (サイコマン Saikoman) is an enemy in Super Bomberman 4. As its name suggests, it uses psychotic abilities from its eyeballs and, despite the name Psycho Man, it is a pink, red-haired, bulging-eyeballed child.

Psycho Man moves at a quick pace, pausing before turning upon collision with a wall, bomb, or other enemy. It will harm the player on contact.

If Psycho Man lines up horizontally or vertically with a player, and there are no walls between them, it will shoot a thought wave from its bulging eyeballs by pulling its eyelids widely with its arms in the direction of that player. A player who is hit by a thought wave will have his or her directional controls reversed for a period of time. Thankfully, the thought wave cannot pass through traps and bombs. Unfortunately, Psycho Man can walk through traps.

Psycho Man is extremly dangerous, because it can pursue the player and shoot its thought wave multiple times in succession.


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