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Prominence artwork from the Super Bomberman 3 manual

Prominence (プロミネンス, Purominensu) is a trap in the Bomberman series.


Although listed as a trap in the Japanese manual of Super Bomberman 3,[1] it is more of a special effect. Flames hop between two volcano-shaped Hard Blocks at regular intervals, but do not interact with anything else on screen. They may, however, serve to briefly obscure part of the stage.

In Bomberman '94, it only appears in the PCE version of the game. Although the mini volcanoes are also present in the Sega Genesis version, their upper part was cut, and no flame effect pops out of it, presumably due to hardware limitations.

In Bomberman Hero, it is found in the Hades Crater, Magma Lake and Magma Dam. They act more as a trap in this game. Instead of hoping out from Volcanoes, they depart from the lava instead at fixed locations and don't go back and forth. They deal damage upon collision.


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