Thank you, Bomberman! I had to ask for your help again. [...] We have prepared a celebration for you! Let everyone partake and rejoice!

Princess Millian, Bomberman Hero

Princess Millian is the princess of Primus Star and one of the main protagonists of the game Bomberman Hero.


Princess Millian stole a data disk from the Garaden Empire when she discovered their evil plans. She tried to escape from them but was captured by the Four Devils of Garaden. Her servant Pibot crash lands on Planet Bomber and gains the help of Bomberman to rescue her but each time they are about to rescue her she gets captured again by Nitros. She finally gets rescued on Mazone Star and tells the heroes where to find Garaden Star to end the battle between them.


Her face looks very similar to face of Anna Chulkova which was a composer in Bomberman Hero, The Second Attack and some other Bomberman and Mario Party games.


  • We need to tell Bomberman and his friends right away!
  • Take this disk and go hide in the engine room.
  • Don't worry about me. Just hurry!
  • Bomberman, is that you?! How did you get here?
  • Bomberman! Pibot! Thank goodness you're here! Nitros is looking for the disk I stole.
  • Bomberman, you're here!
  • Pibot has been turned to stone by Bolban's magic.
  • Bomberman!
  • There are three more disks like that one. They are hidden somewhere in this dome. What is Garaden going to do with these disks? Something big is going to happen. I can feel it.
  • You can rescue me later! Find the other three disks! Hurry!
  • Bomberman, you did it! Give me the disks!
  • Now we have all four disks.
  • Thank you for retrieving them. These four disks will be sent to Garaden Star.
  • Now Lord Bagular can be restored! Hah! You fool! I am Natia!
  • Thank you for helping me! Are you going to Garaden to defeat Bagular?
  • Take me with you!
  • I understand. I'll wait for your return.
  • Bomberman, please hurry back!
  • Thank you, Bomberman! I'm thankful for your courage.
  • Way to go, Bomberman!


  • In Sound Test, Princess Millian plays the keyboard.


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