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PrettyBalloon is the second boss of Bomberman Tournament. She is the result of Pretty Bomber fusing with Pommy Sea. She switches between three forms when damaged: a squid form, a jelly form, and a divided form.


PrettyBalloon begins the fight in her squid form. She moves slowly and aimlessly, maneuvering through the grid and turning upon colliding with obstacles. Occasionally, she will pursue Bomberman. While in this form, PrettyBalloon continuously fires bullets one at a time from the two large tentacles at her sides, alternating between firing from each tentacle. The bullets fly directly at Bomberman, passing over all obstacles, and will harm him on impact.

The squid form is PrettyBalloon's weakest form. With a single blast from a bomb, she will immediately switch to her jelly form. However, this does not deal PrettyBalloon any real damage.



PrettyBalloon becomes a pink heart bomb encased in a jelly substance. She continues to move slowly along the grid. Occasionally, she will fire two small gels from opposite sides, either horizontally or vertically. This creates "dents" in PrettyBalloon's form. If a bomb blast enters one of these dents and hits the bomb in the middle of PrettyBalloon, she will take damage and, unless she is out of hit points, she will enter her divided form.

Boss Scene PB

Scene from the Guide Book

While in this form, PrettyBalloon may fire gels multiple times. Each successive time, she will fire from the sides that she hadn't already fired from, creating new vulnerable dents and filling in the previous dents. After some time, she will morph back into her squid form if she has not been damaged.



PrettyBalloon splits into eight small gels, which resemble Drops. The gels initially fly in each direction in a circle, with each cardinal gel being about four tile spaces from the middle of the split. These gels then proceed to move quickly, randomly changing directions. They are all invincible. Eventually, they will reassemble at some position and PrettyBalloon will change back into her squid form.

After taking damage in her jelly form four times, PrettyBalloon will be destroyed. Upon her destruction, Pommy Sea is returned to Bomberman, and Pretty Bomber escapes.


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