The Pressure Block (プレッシャーブロック) is a core element of Bomberman gameplay. In most versions of the Battle Game, when time begins to run out, Pressure Blocks will begin to appear or fall from above and fill the stage.[1] A player who is crushed beneath a Pressure Block will be eliminated. If a player is riding a rideable creature, such as a Louie, then the creature will be destroyed and the player will gain temporary invulnerability as usual, having some time to step off of the Pressure Block and survive.

After settling on the ground, Pressure Blocks act as normal Hard Blocks in that they impede players' progression and will block explosions. However, in games in which players can be thrown, such as with the Power Glove or Seesaw, or in which players can jump using the Trampoline or a special stage feature, a player who lands on top of a Pressure Block will be eliminated.[2] Also, in stages that contain Screen Wrapping passages in which no Pressure Blocks will fall, a player who is trapped in that area will still be eliminated.

In traditional Sudden Death modes, Pressure Blocks will continue to fill the screen until there are no clear spaces or until the match results in a victory or a draw.[3]


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