Poyo Mole is an enemy from Super Bomberman 2. It appears in Stage 3.


Poyo Mole is a green digging machine that is ridden by a Poyo.

Poyo Mole moves slowly in a straight line until it collides with a block, bomb, or other enemy, at which point it pauses and then chooses a random direction and continues to move. It may choose to reverse directions even if it is not at a dead end. It will harm the player on collision.

Occasionally, Poyo Mole will dive into the ground and, after a moment, rise up in a random free location on the map. It is only vulnerable to attacks when it is fully above the ground.

After being hit with an explosion, a Poyo will be thrown two tile spaces out of the Mole and onto the next free location, while the vehicle itself will remain on the map as an obstacle to enemies. If the player walks into the Mole, Bomberman will enter the vehicle. While riding the Mole, the player's movement is slower, Trampolines cannot be utilized, and bombs cannot be thrown. If the Mole is hit by an explosion while it is dormant or while the player is riding it, it will be destroyed. If it is hit by an enemy while the player is riding it, it will also be destroyed. In this way, it can act as an extra Heart for the player. However, it cannot be taken to the next stage.

When the Exit is hit by an explosion, Poyo Mole will not be respawned.


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