Bomberman Wiki


Power-Ups are items that affect the abilities of a player during gameplay. Depending on the item and how they are used, it can put the player at either an advantage or a disadvantage. Below is a list of items that can alter gameplay.


  • Fire - Increase the bomb blast radius.
  • Fire Down - Decrease the bomb blast radius.
  • Bomb-Up - Increase the number of bombs that can be set at one time.
  • Bomb Down - Decrease the number of bombs that can be set at one time.
  • Skate - Increase the movement speed of the player.
  • Geta - Decrease the movement speed of the player.
  • Pierce Bomb - Bomb blast will pass through as many soft blocks as the fire level will allow.
  • Power Bomb - Bomb blast will become as large as possible.
  • Red Bomb - Similar effect to Pierce Bomb. Can be fused with Remote Control to become what's known as Red Remote Control.
  • Marble Bomb - Bombs can be thrown like marbles.
  • Full Fire - Increase bomb blast radius to maximum.
  • Soft Block Pass - Walk through soft blocks freely.
  • Bomb Pass - Walk through bombs freely.
  • 1-Up - Add one extra life to the player's total (Single Player Mode only).
  • Heart - Add one HP to the player's total.
  • Clock - Add additional time to the timer (Single Player Mode only).
  • Power Glove - Allow the player to lift bombs and increase their size in some games.
  • Boxing Glove - Allow the player to punch bombs away from them.
  • Kick - Allow the player to kick bombs away from them.
  • Vest - Make the player invincible for a short time.
  • Remote Control - Allow the player to destroy a bomb when they press the button to trigger it.
  • Skull - Add a disease effect to the player.
  • Salt Bomb - Used to kill Slug enemies (Bomberman Hero only).
  • Line Bomb - Deploys all bombs in a straight line.