The Ponchos are the fourth boss of Super Bomberman 3. There are two boss characters in this battle, a pair of brothers named Thorn and Prickle, who perform attacks both independently and together. Their passenger is Brain Bomber.

Both bosses have their own independent HP counters and both must be defeated in order to clear the stage. It is important to note that after one brother has been defeated, the brother who is left standing will get the sombrero.


Thorn (トゲトゲ) is the taller, skinnier character. He is the older brother.
  • Thorn actively seeks the players, turning at intersections. He can completely reverse his direction in order to chase after a player. He will damage players on contact.
  • Hat - When Thorn has the sombrero, he can stop moving and throw it at the players in either a horizontal or vertical direction. The hat then travels in a circular pattern, passing over all blocks and bombs and returning to him like a boomerang. It can be thrown both short and long distances; the diameter of the resulting circle pattern may be small or large. Players take damage if they are hit by the hat.
  • Spines - When Thorn does not have the sombrero, his will stop and fire four spines, one in each direction. The spines move until they hit a wall or bomb. They detonate bombs and damage players.



Prickle (チクチク) is the shorter, heavier character. He is the younger brother.

  • Prickle moves randomly, occasionally turning at intersections. He will damage players on contact.
  • Hat - When Prickle has the sombrero, he uses it to attack the players in the same way that Thorn does.
  • Spines - When Prickle does not have the sombrero, he will stop and fire several large cactus spines in succession. The spines fly up out of the top of the screen before coming back down onto random tile spaces around the arena. A falling thorn is announced by a flashing shadow that appears on the space that it is about to land on. The spines will damage players and detonate bombs on impact.
  • If Thorn has been defeated, Prickle will actively seek the players.

Shared Attacks

  • Guitar - When Prickle begins to play the guitar, Thorn speeds up greatly and continues to pursue the players. This attack can be ended prematurely if Prickle is hit by an explosion.
  • Hat Swap - One of the brothers will throw the sombrero to the other brother. This switches up their attacks.


  • The Ponchos also appear as a boss in Bomberman for Nintendo DS.



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