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Pommy Fangs is an alternate from of Pommy that appears in some Bomberman games, more specifically, those who prominently feature Charaboms.

Bomberman Tournament[]


Acquired through fusion. At the Magnet Base, Pommy and Elifan must be fused with the SID device to create him. He can then be used to open the last door at the same base.

Max Stats[]

Attribute:EleElectric (Electric)
 EleEarth (Earth)
SmallHp 210


Pommy Fangs can open the second-to-last door in Magnet Base. He needs to be set to open it. After that, Magnet Bomber fuses with himself to transform into Magnet Dragon. When Magnet Dragon is defeated, Pommy Fangs returns to the player.

Special Attack[]

Pommy Fangs' Special Attack in battle is Shock; Pommy Fangs first charges static electricity between its ears and then launches three small electric shockwaves at the opponent.

Bomberman Max 2[]

In Bomberman Max 2, Pommy Fangs has two abilities such as jumping over Hard and Soft Blocks and giving Max Bombs to the player. Remote Control Bombs cannot be used.

Type Electric + Earth
Level 70
Attack 190
Defense 185
Special 285
Agility 60
Ability Jump + Max Bombs
Fusion of Pommy Animal and Elifan


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