Pommy Dragon is a Charabom that appeared in some Bomberman games. It is an alternate form of Pommy.

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!

Pommy Dragon first appeared in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!. It is one of possible forms of Pommy.  You can see a chart for how you can get him in the gallery.

Bomberman Tournament

In this game, the player needs to fuse Dorako and Pommy Beast by SID so the player can open the last door at PlasmaBase. Plasma Bomber will fuse with him to transform into Plasma Rock. After Plasma Rock is defeated, Pommy Dragon returns to White Bomberman.

Max Stats
Attribute:EleElectric.PNG (Electric)
 EleFire.PNG (Fire)
SmallHp.png 210


Pommy Dragon can open the second-to-last door in Plasma Base. He needs to be set to open it.

Bomberman Max 2

In Bomberman Max 2, Pommy Dragon is a very useful Charabom, as the player can shove around Dangerous Bombs quickly without having to constantly switch between Stegodon and Pommy Beast. For those who own the Blue Version, but not the Red version (and are stuck without Stegodon) yet don't have Pommy Beast yet; or those who have the Red Version without the Blue Version, the player can still radio-control other types of bombs by switching to another Charabom and setting up a bomb type.

Type Electric + Fire
Level 70
Attack 235
Defense 185
Special 240
Agility 60
Ability Dangerous Bomb + Radio Bomb
Fusion of Stegodon and Pommy Beast

Bomberman Generation

Components: Pteradon + Pommy

Attributes: Fire + Electric

Ability: Bomb Jump + Remote Control

Description: Planted bombs for bomb jumping will not detonate unless commanded, making it easier to make repeated attempts.

Bomberman Jetters (video game)

In the Bomberman Jetters game, Pommy Dragon is found after defeating Thunder Bomber in Electric Ring. His ability is to help Bomberman leap off a greater height from specific places. When he is leveled up, he can leap off greater heights and fly even farther.

In Anime

Pommy Dragon is a dragon Charabom affiliated with the fire element. Pommy Dragon appears in the Bomberman Jetters anime in "The Blue Rose of Memories" living in the ice comet Sibarel. It is native to Planet Charabom but decided to cultivate the ice roses from the comet, which only grow on said comet. Occasionally, Pommy Dragon would breathe fire on the Hige Hige Bandits to try and protect the ice rose from being stolen.


  • Fire Breathing - It breathes fire on its enemies.
  • Fly - It is capable of flying around and can also breathe fire when flying.


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