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The title "Pogo" is unofficial because the subject's actual title is unknown.

Pogo (unofficial name) is the third boss of Neo Bomberman.


It appears in the final area of Stage 3. After it was defeated, White Bomberman and Black Bomberman rode its note projectiles up to Stage 4.


  • Pogo jumps from tile space to tile space, pausing briefly. It may jump in a straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. The direction of its movement is random. It can jump up to a distance of five tile spaces. While it is in the air, it dodges attacks and can not harm the player, but it is vulnerable to attacks and will harm the player on collision once it lands.
  • Every time Pogo lands on the ground, it produces a Soft Block in the form of a note. The note drifts onto a random tile space. If a note lands on a block or bomb, it will bounce until it lands on a free space, but if it lands on a player, it will settle onto the tile space as if it were empty. Up to eight notes can be on the screen at the same time; Pogo will not produce any more unless the number of notes on screen drops below eight.

It takes 6 hits to defeat and yields a score of 3200 points.


  • Aside from the final boss, Pogo is the only boss in Neo Bomberman that has its own unique music.