Plunder Bomber (ブンドリボンバー, Bundoribonbā, in Japanese) is a boss from Super Bomberman 5 and is the last member and possibly the false strongest and ex-leader of the Fiendish Bombers. Plunder Bomber resembles a western outlaw and pictured with a Colt Single Action Army .357 Magmum Revolver gun, though he does not use it in battle. He is one of three possible bosses in Zone 4. Plunder rides Warooi and is very quick. When he collides with players, he will scatter some of their items across the map. He can also move freely through both bombs and Soft Blocks by use of the Bomb Pass and Wall Pass, which makes him very dangerous. In his arena, there is a Tracing Bomb item which, if Plunder obtains it, would make him more threatening. He also drops a Soft Block Pass item when defeated.



  • His ability to phase through solid objects made him a master thief, but his crime spree came to an end when he tried to steal Bomber Woof's collar.
  • On Plunder's back, there is a yellow fedora hat with a orange ring.
  • Plunder Bomber may be strong, but he's not as powerful as Baron Bombano.


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