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"Plow On, Grand Bomber!" is the twentieth episode, airing on February 12, 2003.[1]


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At the Shumulvault, Thunder Bomber and Grand Bomber are put under Max's control. Max doesn't need them and says that they will only get in his way. Thunder Bomber already hates Max, but this makes Thunder almost explode.

Later, Grand steals Bagura's rare daikon, but Max notices him and Max doesn't do anything; yet. Grand plants the daikon and he waits for the Jetters. He left a note for Mujoe and Thunder. Grand says that he will make things right this time and left because he was scared of being scolded. Mujoe tells Thunder to look for Grand. Mujoe says that Grand is a good person and he won't scold Grand.

Back at the field, Shout and White Bomber show up on a rice planting tour. White Bomber blew up the store so now he has to get rice. Grand shows up and wants to plant rice too. White Bomber and Grand realize who each other is; Tourists on the same tour. Rui goes onto the patch of soil where the daikon is and sets off a trap. Grand saves him and says he set the traps for the Jetters. They now realize who they really are and White Bomber flashes back to when Mighty said that if no one who got dirty in a rice field is a bad person. Grand wants to fight, but earth is weak to fire, but White Bomber does not want to fight. White Bomber explains Mighty's rice field quote, and Grand is shocked. The rice tour guide picks the daikon, but Max swoops in and steals it back. White Bomber tries to call out to his brother, but he remembers Birdy's orders to not talk about it. Shout heard White Bomber calling Max his brother. Shout wonders what is up, and wants to get to the bottom of it. White Bomber explains to Grand that Max is his brother and that Max is a good guy. Grand calls Thunder and tells him that both Max and he Jetters are really good guys, but Thunder doesn't believe it. White Bomber wonders about Max really being his brother and Shout wonders what she should do next to uncover all of her unanswered questions.


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