PlasmaRock is the third boss of Bomberman Tournament. It is the result of Plasma Bomber fusing with Pommy Dragon.

PlasmaRock flies around in a sideways figure eight pattern, throwing feathers at Bomberman in sets of five in a spread shot. The general direction of the spread shot may be directed in any of eight directions. Each feather flies in a straight line and will harm Bomberman on impact.

While flying, PlasmaRock cannot be hit by any attacks. If Bomberman comes too close to it, it will quickly fly away to another part of the screen and resume its pattern. Eventually, it will begin to land. Once it lands, it is vulnerable.

If PlasmaRock is hit, it will fly off screen and drop four egg-shaped bombs on random columns. The bombs have a Fire range of nine. It will then descend, flapping its wings and causing any placed bombs and Bomberman himself to be pushed toward the bottom of the screen. Shortly after its bombs explode, it will resume its normal movement pattern.

PlasmaRock has five hit points in total. Upon its destruction, Pommy Dragon is returned to Bomberman, and Plasma Bomber escapes.


  • In the opening of the game, it is shown that PlasmaRock defeats Max, which causes his disappearance in the first place.
  • The name "PlasmaRock" is a mistranslation of the Japanese name "PlasmaRoc". A roc is a large, mythical bird.



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