Planet Totemoku is a planet appearing in the Bomberman Jetters anime in "White Bomber, Launched Without Permission!.



The facility

Planet Totemoku is a garbage-waste planet, where all the trash from other planets are tossed here. There is a facility for crushing trash within the planet. Totemoku is inhabited by dolphins, one of which was combined into a Bomberman by Dr. Mechado.

When Gangu decides to run off, he was caught inside a garbage truck. White Bomber and Bongo then decide to rescue him. Due to the terrain of the planet, which is primarily water, they use the Marine Jetter to locate Gangu. Although, successful in finding him, the Hige Hige Bandits also appear, attempting to return the unique perfume to the hands of Mechado. While combating with the Hige Hige and the combined Bomberman, Dolphin Bomber, the Jetters are successful in obtaining the perfume and return back to Planet Jetters.

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