Planet Timbertree (initially localized as Swamp Attack) is the first planet in Super Bomberman 3, based on Mori Mori Forest from Bomberman '94. While most of the planet is covered in jungle, the events of the game take place in the "swamp belt" that encircles the surface.[1] It is here that Magnet Bomber guards the green Mother Computer Chip.

It reappears as the first world of Bomberman World, directly translated as "Mori Mori Star - Earthen Star" in the PAL version manual and renamed Planet Forest in-game. Earth Bomber is stationed in the forest, so more greenery is seen.

It appears in Super Bomberman R under its current English name. It's described as the fourth planet of the Starry Sky Solar System, and is lush and rich with natural resources. The planet is littered with ancient ruins, which are the stages' setting in this game. Golem Bomber is encountered at one particular temple.

While each appearance gives it a new name in localization, it is always known as Mori Mori Star in Japanese, the word mori meaning forest.

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