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Planet Tentacalls is a planet that appeared in Bomberman Generation.


It has many inhabitants, including humanoid octopi that act like tribal natives that are hostile only to White Bomberman (as with any game enemy encountered throughout), many large mutated creatures that serve as the primary world bosses, and for the time being, the Hige Hige Bandits themselves as they search for the separated Bomb Elements. It was also where White Bomberman's main archrivals, the Crush Bombers, had resided temporarily before their defeat at the hands of the player.

List of Stages[]

  1. Tentasia - The first stage of Planet Tentacalls. Tentasia is a tropical continent shaped like an octopus and full of swamps and jungles. It is inhabited by its namesakes: a tribe of purple humanoid octopi wearing tribal wear and primal face makeup.
  2. OctoOcean - An Arctic/Antarctic-like continent that is simply a water stage but White Bomberman does not necessarily go underwater in all of its stages. Octo Ocean is somewhat of a frozen wasteland full of robotic creatures based on animals native to colder areas, such as penguins and walruses, and in the early underwater stages, a variety of aquatic life and several mischievous ghosts.
  3. TakoDesert - A very dry and infertile continent that is home to violent sandstorms and what looked like ancient ruins based on the Egyptian country. Tako Desert is home to ghosts wearing sombreros (Mexican hats), robotic cacti, and other things related to the desert.
  4. Nekki Moon - A moon that seems to be the only one within Planet Tentacalls' orbit, and is shaped by the asteroids that regularly crash on its surface. It had been (formerly) under control of the Hige Hige Bandits, who had turned the moon into their own space headquarters after conquering it prior to the current game's events, and was home to strange robotic creatures that were unidentifiable.
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