Planet Sorabakka is a sky planet appearing in the Bomberman Jetters anime in "Formidable Enemy! Combined Bombermen."


Inside Sorabakka, the area is covered in clouds; with this, the Jetters had to use the Sky Jetter to traverse around the planet. There is also a city where Bajira, a greedy creature, who owns the Beckoning Cat of Happiness.

The Beckoning Cat of Happiness is said to bring one with limitless happiness. Because of its power and uniqueness, the Hige Hige Bandits targeted the artifact. The Jetters arrive to the planet to monitor any activity and to protect the item. Suddenly, the Hige Hige appear with Dr. Mechado, who introduces the Combined Bomberman Making Machine. This machine has the ability to transform anything into a Bomberman. Mechado uses this machine on a bat, creating Bat Bomber. Bat Bomber attacks the Jetters and makes his way to the Beckoning Cat. However, Birdy appears and knocks Bat Bomber near White Bomber, who now has charged up his Fire Bomb. Bat Bomber was defeated.

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