Planet Resort is a planet debuting in "Find Treasure Island!" in the anime, Bomberman Jetters.


After several failures in the hands of the Jetters, Bagura assigns a mission to Mujoe to retrieve the unique figurehead that wears a schoolgirl uniform in Planet Resort. The Hige Hige Bandits arrive at the planet and are given a map to the item. The Jetters arrive as well, who were notified of the Hige Hige's appearance and are given the same map. The Jetters, as well as the Hige Hige, traverse the ocean searching for skull island, which contains the item.

Upon reaching the island, the island reveals itself as a giant squid. The giant squid hurls the Jetters and the Hige Hige to a distant crescent-shaped island. On the other hand, Max has found the unique item on the crescent-shaped island. Before he could retreat, the Jetters spot Max and attempt to bring him down. Max, however, fights back and successfully retreats.

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