Planet Rekoreko is a desert planet, debuting in "Curry and the Prince" in the anime Bomberman Jetters.


Planet Rekoreko is known for its violent sandstorm that is said to never die down. The sand is magnetized, making compasses dysfunctional. Planet Rekoreko is also known for its wandering oasis. Within the oasis is the unique cough drop tree, which is said to make ones stomach feel empty, no matter how much food they have eaten.

After the Jetters are notified of the events happening in Planet Dodonpa, the Jetters travel to Planet Rekoreko to retrieve the unique cough drops on the wandering oasis to cure King Kingo's ability to eat. The Jetters arrive at Planet Rekoreko and uses the Round Jetter to traverse through the sandstorm. While in the sandstorm, the Jetters unawarely drive over the Hige Hige Bandits, who are also unaware of who ran them over. With the Hige Hige Bandits struggling to find the oasis, Mujoe uses the "Super Combined Bomberman Making Machine" to create Saboten Diver Bomber out of a diver suit and a cactus. Mujoe then commands Saboten Diver Bomber to carry them and dig underground, although finally realizing that he will also sustain pain from the thorns of Saboten Diver Bomber's cactus arms.

The Jetters manage to escape the sandstorm and uses Gangu as a dowsing machine to locate water. Despite their efforts of using such dowsing machine, the Jetters have only made their way back to the place they have started. The Hige Hige Bandits also escape the sandstorm, although suffering from the thorns caused by Saboten Diver Bomber. On the distant, the Jetters and the Hige Hige Bandits have finally located the wandering oasis and travel to it.

The Jetters and the Hige Hige Bandits arrive at the oasis and both notice each other. The Jetters and the Hige Hige Bandits attempt to stop one another for their goal of the unique cough drops, using White Bomber and Saboten Diver Bomber respectively. Saboten Diver Bomber uses a tactic to dive underwater to dodge White Bomber's bombs and attacks the group using its Thorn Bombs while leaping out of the water. Bongo realizes a way to stop Saboten Diver Bomber and calls for White Bomber to use the Sunrise Thunder Bomb, due to water being susceptible to electricity. With this cunning move, Saboten Diver Bomber is electrified and defeated with White Bomber's Burning Fire Bomb.

With Saboten Diver Bomber out of their way, the Jetters make haste to stop Mujoe. Thorned Gangu throws himself at Mujoe, who unwillingly leaps out of the oasis from the thorns. With Mujoe gone, the Jetters successfully retrieve the unique cough drops and return to Planet Dodonpa to cure King Kingo's illness.

Place of interest

Wandering oasis

Wandering Oasis

The wandering oasis

... In addition, the oasis is constantly changing its location by wandering around.

Bongo's Family, explaining the difficulty of obtaining the cough drops.

The wandering oasis is a giant turtle wandering around the planet restlessly. On top of the turtle is the oasis, which includes a lake, several plants and trees, and the unique cough drop tree.

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