Planet Kurodaiya is a rocky planet in the Bomberman Jetters anime debuting in episode 5: "Underground, Go! Go! Go!".


Planet Kurodaiya is said to contain special space coal, which Shout uses to cook the food in the ramen shop. In order to obtain it, one must mine the coal. One of the inhabitants, Moguu has given people the opportunity to obtain the coal in exchange for working with him shortly. The Jetters travel to the planet but find themselves protecting a unique pickaxe from the Hige Hige Bandits and their newly combined BombermanTop Bomber.

While digging in the planet's interior, Mujoe discovers what is seems to be an iron life raft, the last of its kind since the Iron Age. Little does he know that it is unique, which instead mistakenly thinks it is a doughnut before tossing it to the side to continue digging.


The mysterious man makes an appearance.

Once reaching the main interior, the Hige Hige Bandits have stolen the pickaxe, though abruptly stopped by the Jetters. During the battle with Top Bomber, White Bomber seemingly spots Max—known only as a mysterious man at the time—who had observed the entire action before departing.

After defeating the Hige Higes, the Jetters now have the chance to mine some coal before returning back to Planet Jetters.



A map of the underground

The interior of the planet contains flowing water, which takes Bongo and Gangu along with it, restaurants, and a restroom. Interestingly, there is also a map, displaying all the stops people can go to. There also seems to be an elevator.


  • Planet Kurodaiya makes another appearance in episode 14: "The Glorious Hige Hige Bandits!" during one of Mujoe's make-believe movies. Although, the events are inaccurate, such as the Hige-Hige winning.
  • Kurodaiya means black diamond.
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