Planet Jetters is one of the two major planets in the Bomberman Jetters anime. Its population includes humans, anthropomorphic animals, and aliens. The known locations are: the Jetters Base, where Dr. Ein resides, Bei Bei Town, Planet Jetters' number one city, and the Ramen shop, where Shout and Twist live and work.

Episodes Focusing on Planet Jetters

In episode 48, one of Dr. Mechado's sinister plots was to teleport Planet Jetters near Planet Bomber with the use of the "small warp device" invented by Dr. Gaskets. He wanted to ultimately destroy both the planets in an attempt to learn more about the bomb elements and use them for his own evil doings. Mechado has several backup plans, such as creating "arms" attached to Planet Jetters and intentionally bring both planets closer. However, that plan failed; unfortunately, Planet Jetters is now in Planet Bomber's orbit. Planet Jetters was restored to its original location with the mysterious power from White Bomber.

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