Planet Dodonpa is the home planet of Bongo and his family, debuting in Curry and the Prince in the anime Bomberman Jetters.


Planet Dodonpa is a planet ruled by King Kingo and Queen Ringo, who are Bongo's father and mother respectively. The Dodonpa residents are highly addictive to curry made with special curry spices, eating it every day.

In Planet Dodonpa's first and only appearance, King Kingo got something sharp stuck in his throat and were unable to remove the sharp object, even with the help of the royal doctors, making him unable to eat curry. This resulted in the council placing a ban on curry consumption, so that the Dodonpas may feel the same pain as King Kingo. In order to remove such sharp object, King Kingo must eat a fruit from the unique cough drop tree, obtained from Planet Rekoreko's oasis.

The Jetters return to Planet Dodonpa after stopping the Hige Hige Bandits from attempting to steal the unique cough drops. King Kingo becomes lively again, and the ban on curry consumption is lifted.

Places of interest

Royalty palace

Planet Dodonpa Royalty Palace

The palace

The royalty palace is where the king, queen, and several other important figures live in. According to Bongo, the palace is extremely large to the point that, when he was a child, he got lost for a week, even when 3,000 residents were searching for him. Bongo managed to survive by finding a group of bandits.

Market place

The market place, according to Bongo, is usually bustling around with a huge crowd of people. At the time the Jetters arrive at Planet Dodonpa, the stores are closed, and the vicinity was deserted, presumably due to the ban on curry consumption.

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