Planet Charabom is a planet inhabited by Charaboms. It appears in the anime in episode 11 and 12 where the Jetters are returning the lost charabom to her mother.

Planet Charabom is also home to the Chige-Chige Bandits, wanted thieves whom resemble the Hige-Hige Bandits. The leader of the Chige-Chige is Achoe, who also resembles one from the Hige-Hige, Mujoe. Unlike the Hige-Hige robots, the Chige-Chige robots are better trained and wear pots on their heads. One advantage to the pots is that they can block fire attacks from fire-affiliated charaboms, notably the dragons.


Planet Charabom is divided into jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction has a certain elemental charabom police force. However, they cannot leave that jurisdiction. The capital jurisdiction, however, allows all elemental police force to enter.


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  • Several charaboms from other games appear in the anime, such as Kai-Man and Elifan.
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