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Planet Bomber, also known as Bomber Planet or Bomber World, is the main planet in the Bomberman series. It is the home of Bombermen, as well as other species like humans.


Planet Bomber has a habitable Earth-like atmosphere. The planet made its first named appearance in Bomberman '94, although Bomberman's homeworld was depicted as Earth itself in other storylines such as the arcade Bomberman World, Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3 (for the World Bombers map), and Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W. In its present form, Planet Bomber appeared in Super Bomberman 5. The planet's landmass now resembles the face of a typical Bomberman, while the rest appears to be water. It also has a reddish moon, which is always shown behind it in place of a Bomberman's antenna.

Bomberman '94

In Bomberman '94, Buglear and his Robot Army managed to split the planet into five pieces. To put it back together, Bomberman must go to each of the resulting regions, fix the Spirit Pictures, and help the stranded Bombermen. After doing so, Buglear attempts to crash into the planet with his artificial comet.

Areas include:

Bomberman Hero

In the Bomberman Hero, the first planet Bomberman explores is Planet Bomber. Here are a list of the levels he must complete.

Area 1: Bomber Base

Area 2: Sea of Trees

Area 3: Peace Mountains


The moon around Planet Bomber has three secret levels that can be unlocked.

Bomberman Jetters

In the Bomberman Jetters game, Planet Bomber is the final world in the game. To unlock this area, the player must collect all of the lightning cards and then defeat Ouryu. The player will then play the last stage of the game which is a boss fight against Mujoe and then Dr. Mechado.

Bomberman Portable

It is the first location in the game. The boss fight in here consists of four Mecha Bombers.

Super Bomberman R

As part of the version updates for Super Bomberman R, Planet Bomber was added in the November 2017 update as World 7 which is unlocked after beating the main Story Mode. This planet features an additional story centering around the Balloms, more cutscenes, 9 more levels and 1 boss fight. After clearing this World, the player is rewarded with additional accesories for multiplayer mode.