Pitch Ninja is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It is a green-clad ninja that throws shurikens.

Super Bomberman 4/Super Bomberman 5

Pitch Ninja moves at a normal pace, changing directions upon colliding with a block, bomb, or other enemy. If it lines up vertically or horizontally with a player, there are no walls between them, and it is in the middle of a tile space, it will stop and throw a shuriken in the direction of the player. It can only throw one shuriken before moving to the next tile space. The shuriken flies in a straight line and disappears upon colliding with an obstacle or player. Both Pitch Ninja and the shuriken will harm the player on collision.

In Super Bomberman 4, Pitch Ninja pauses before changing directions, but in Super Bomberman 5 it does not.

Bomberman Max

In Bomberman Max, Pitch Ninja moves at a normal pace, constantly pursuing the player. Periodically, it will stop and throw two shurikens, one right after the other, in the direction that it is currently facing. The shurikens move in a straight line, disappearing when they reach the edge of the map. Both Pitch Ninja and the shurikens will harm the player on collision.


  • The Japanese name "Nagemaru" is composed of the Japanese word "nage", meaning "throw", and "maru", a suffix for names that was popular in the Edo period.
  • In their original appearance, Fire Ninja, Jump Ninja, and Pitch Ninja were all named "Chibimaru". "Chibi" is a Japanese word that is used to describe small children or small, "cute" characters.


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