Pirate Bomber (海賊ボンバー, Kaizoku Bonbā, in Japanese) is a boss of Super Bomberman 5 and is a member of the Fiendish Bombers. Alongside his partner Subordinate Bomber (手下ボンバー, Teshita Bonbā, in Japanese), he was a pirate on the seas a long time before the events of the game. He is next in seniority to Iron Mask Bomber. The duo are one of two possible bosses in Zone 3. Pirate Bomber is also the first possible boss who rides Warooi. The arena for his fight is smaller than usual. A Remote Bomb will appear once they have both been defeated.

Pirate Bomber

Pirate Bomber has the ability to spawn and throw Geta items, even while riding Warooi. He moves quickly and has a Fire range of six. He is worth 4000 points.


Subordinate Bomber

Subordinate Bomber has 2 HP and no special abilities. He moves slowly and has a Fire range of two, and he seems to only have one Bomb at his disposal. He is worth 1000 points.


Exclusion from Battle Game

Subordinate Bomber is the only member of the Fiendish Bombers who is not playable in the Battle Game. However, if the player enters the code 2YLPVD, Subordinate Bomber will be available in Configuration Battle Mode. It should be noted that some graphical glitches may occur when using Subordinate, but nothing that will crash the game.

Strangely, the game contains Battle Game-specific sprites for Subordinate Bomber, such as a Bad Bomber cart, Rooi-riding sprites, and winning and idle animations. This indicates that he was originally a playable character. It is unknown as to why he was left out of the final playable characters roster. When Subordinate Bomber wins a match in Single Match, the game will hang.


  • Pirate Bomber and Subordinate Bomber are the only Fiendish Bombers who fight alongside each other in the same arena.
  • In the boss battle, if Subordinate Bomber is eliminated first, Pirate Bomber will pause to stomp the ground angrily. If Pirate Bomber is eliminated first, Subordinate Bomber will drop to his knees, appearing to mourn his boss.
  • Pirate Bomber is pictured having a sword, though he does not use it.
  • Subordinate Bomber is the true weakest member of the Fiendish Bombers, even weaker than Bomber Woof.


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