Pipe Bomb (ドカンデオカン, Dokan de Bokan, in Japan) is the sixth stage in the Battle Mode of Bomberman Tournament. The featured trap here is the Pipe, of which there are five.


  • Traps: Pipe
  • Soft Blocks: 48
  • Items: 20 (42%)
    • BombUpStory BombUpStory BombUpStory BombUpStory BombUpStory
    • FireUpStory FireUpStory FireUpStory FireUpStory FireUpStory
    • FullFireStory
    • SpeedUpStory SpeedUpStory SpeedUpStory
    • KickStory KickStory
    • LineBombStory LineBombStory
    • SkullStory SkullStory


  • In the original Japanese name, "dokan" means "pipe", but can also be used as a "bang" sound effect, while "bokan" is an onomatopoeia more akin to "pow".
  • The Japanese name for this stage is the same as that of the Tunnel Zone stage from Super Bomberman.


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