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Isn't it a lovely day? I just love to sunbathe on days like this!

Pinokion, Bomberman Quest

Pinokion (ピノキオン, Pinokion) is an enemy in Bomberman Quest.


Pinokion is found in the Beach Zone. It moves slowly and aimlessly. Periodically, it will stop to throw a snowball at Bomberman. The small snowballs fly faster than the large ones. They are destroyed when they collide with a wall or the floor. Both Pinokion and its snowballs will harm Bomberman on collision.

Most of the floor of Pinokion's room is covered in spikes, but the Safety Shoes will allow Bomberman to move freely if they are equipped. Pinokion has 7 HP and yields the Homing Bomb upon its defeat.[1]


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