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Not to be confused with Pretty Bomber, also known as Cute Pink in the Bomberman Land series.

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Pink Bomber, Super Bomberman R

Pink Bomberman (officially known as Pink Bomber) is a recurring character in the Bomberman series. She mainly appears as an alternate skin to allow for more players during multiplayer mini games.

Notable appearances[]

Pink Bomber's first appearance was as a background element in Bomberman '93, which was followed by a playable appearance in Hi-Ten Bomberman. After a significant gap, Pink Bomber made a more significant appearance in Bomberman DS, followed by the trio of seventh-generation Bomberman titles Live, Blast, and Ultra. In Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen, Pink Bomber is finally given an official name, and is identified as female. In Super Bomberman R, she is depicted as a very nice girl who mentors Aqua Bomber and she's also shown to be gentle and mature, too.

In the latest versions of Super Bomberman R and Super Bomberman R Online, if special abilities are on, she starts with 5 fire, bombs, and speed, but she cannot increase her stats any further. This also prevents her from utilizing the Boxing Glove and Power Glove.

She, along with the rest of the Bomberman Bros., reappears in Super Bomberman R Online.

She calls Pretty Bomber "big sis", which is obviously true because Pretty Bomber is the eldest female of the Bomberman Bros.. In addition, she is protective to animals, mainly Balloms, as she scolds and chastises Smuggler over imprisoning them and raising prices too high, revealing Pink to be an advocate of animal protection and welfare.

Pink Bomber's protectiveness towards animals returns in Super Bomberman R 2, where she's shown to take care of the Ellons, like how a human mother does to her children.


In Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden, Pink Bomber appears as a recurring character. This is the first time in media she is portrayed as a girl, as most appearances depict her as a basic male palette swap design.


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