Petunia (Zankokuran in Japan) is the boss of Blossom Planet in Bomberman '93. She resembles a flower.


Petunia begins the stage as a shroud foliage floating above the arena. In this state, she is invincible, can not harm Bomberman and passes through any blocks. She pawns 3 flowers in the first stage and 4 flowers in the second stage. After her flower-enemies are destroyed, she reveals her true form. In this form, she is unable to move on land, it's vulnerable to hit, moves aimlessly, erases bombs when she steps on them and harm Bomberman on collision. She occasionally stops and launches 4 petals in four directions (straight or diagonally). After 3 hits, she uses 8 petals and launches in all eight directions. The petals will harm Bomberman on collision.

Petunia is defeated after five hits. After her defeat, Bomberman recovers the second chip.

She reappears in as the sixth boss in Bomberman DS.

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