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The title "Perverted Sun" is unofficial because the subject's actual title is unknown.

Perverted Sun (unofficial name) is the third boss in Bomberman (Arcade).


It is encountered on Stage 3. Perverted Sun with the first hit will split into 2 Medium Suns, and each of them will split into 4 Small Suns on their second hit, for a total of 8 Small Suns. Each of these Small Suns will require just one hit to be defeated. Perverted Sun moves quickly, bumping into the end walls while making dinging sounds akin to a bell. It's known for flicking its teeth with its purple tongue while very tiny particles of spit are seen, which makes the monster perverted as its name suggests, even when split into smaller versions of itself.

It will harm the player on collision and sometimes pursues the player, sometimes not.