Peace Town is the town that Bomberman landed in after being attacked by the Four Commanders in Bomberman Quest. It serves as the central hub of the game, allowing access to each of the four zones.

Bomber Shuttle

The crashed Bomber Shuttle in the upper-left area of Peace Town serves as a save point. By talking to Kepo, the game can be saved.[1] Bomberman can also enter the Bomber Shuttle to see how many engines he has collected, and to end the game once all four have been assembled.

Notable Places


Map of Peace Town

There is a Bomb Workshop in the lower-left area of Peace Town.

The Library in the upper-right area of the town provides some gameplay tutorials. The dog next to the building cannot be interacted with.

The Old Trading Card Man (トレーディングカードじいさん, literally Trading Card Jiisan) in the lower-right area will give Bomberman the Robot Bomb if he is shown all three of the Trading Cards.[2] His house cannot be entered.

The open house in the lower-right area contains a townsperson.


There are four routes out of Peace Town. The first route, in the upper left corner, leads to the Field Zone. It is the only route that is open in the beginning of the game, as the other routes are blocked by policemen. The upper route leads to the Forest Zone, the rightmost route leads to the Beach Zone, and the lower route leads to the Desert Zone. Beginning with the upper route, each consecutive route, in clockwise order, is opened when the boss of the previous zone has been defeated.


Peace Town is invaded by the escaped monsters in the beginning of the game


There is a Fire hidden to the left of the Bomber Shuttle. It can be uncovered with the Shovel.[3]


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