Peace Mountains is Area 3 of Planet Bomber in the game Bomberman Hero. It is within this place that Bomberman fights the first of the Four Devils of Garaden, Endol, for the rescue of Princess Millian.


This area takes place high above the ground of Planet Bomber, in the mountains with a windmill. The ground's visibility is obscured by the fog of the mountains.


When Bomberman has defeated Nitros, Pibot directs him to Peace Mountains, where the Princess is being held captive by Endol. After trekking through a valley full of clowns, a huge mountain with a path, and a foggy road, he finally arrives at the big windmill on top of a mountain, where Endol has been waiting for him. After the defeat of the eletrokinetic boss, Bomberman is too late to rescue Millian as she has been transported back to her home planet, Primus Star and held hostage by Endol's pupil. With this, Pibot and Bomberman leave Planet Bomber behind.


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