Pass (パース, literally Pasu), also known as Parse, Tiglon, and Cecil the Tiger, is a cat-like enemy that appears in some Bomberman games.


Pass moves faster than most enemies, and is able to avoid bombs.[2] It often pursues Bomberman. Their behavior and appearance is kind of similar to Minvos, leading to assume that the two enemies could be somehow related. Unlike Minvos, however, they're a bit faster and smarter. Upon death, they're worth 4000 points.

In Panic Bomber (Arcade), Pass moves faster than the first three enemies. Pass will sometimes hesitate to place a block during gameplay. Its behavior in Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W is similar.

In Bomberman Quest, Pass moves around randomly. When it is near Bomberman, it will jump up into the air and then leap toward him. A Landmine can be placed at its landing point to catch it off guard. Pass has 4 HP and yields a Fire item upon its defeat.[3]



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