You know, I have a strange feeling that we've met before...

Pass, Bomberman Quest

Pass (パース, literally Pasu), also known as Parse, Tiglon, and Cecil the Tiger, is a recurring enemy in the Bomberman series.


Pass moves faster than most enemies, and is able to avoid bombs.[2] It often pursues Bomberman. Their behavior and appearance is kind of similar to Minvos, leading to assume that the two enemies could be somehow related. Unlike Minvos, however, they're a bit faster and smarter. They're associated with the Fireproof Power-up and as such, will appear if said power up is blown up by a bomb, or the exit of a level with this power up present is bombed. Upon death, they're worth 4000 points.

In Bomberman II, they appear earlier in the game, in the first World. Much of their appearance and behavior has been recycled from the first game, aside from small differences in the spriting and their behavior - they will get gradually faster once they see the protagonist and will commonly pursue him. Furthermore, they are able to walk through bombs. A Pass will appear most of the time when any power up is destroyed by a bomb, or, if the Exit is bombed. In this game, they're worth 10 times less than they were in the previous game, which is 400 points.

In Panic Bomber (Arcade), Pass moves faster than the first three enemies. Pass will sometimes hesitate to place a block during gameplay. Its behavior in Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W is similar.

In Bomberman Quest, Pass moves around randomly. When it is near Bomberman, it will jump up into the air and then leap toward him. A Landmine can be placed at its landing point to catch it off guard. Pass has 4 HP and yields a Fire item upon its defeat.[3]



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