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T-this is God's punishment...?


Papuru (パプル, Papuru) is a character in Bombergirl.


She is a Shooter-type Bombergirl.

Papuru (パプル) is an unlockable playable character in Bombergirl. She was present since the original version of the game, but she was the only unlockable character then.


She's a kind-hearted fallen angel who doesn't like conflict - that's Papuru! She happened to meet her partner Seija when she descended to Earth. She joined the Bomber Battle in order/hope to return to heaven!

Hobby "Reading. She likes the heart-wringing feelings she gets after reading things like romance novels."
Likes "She likes Western confections, especially rare cheesecake. But she does happen to eat too much..."
Dislikes "She doesn't really exercise, so She's bad at things like sports..."
Birthday October 4
Brand Sanctuary

Basic Abilities[]

Papuru is a Shooter, so she is effective at handling both allies and enemies. She can hit allies to raise their HP, and hit enemies to lower their HP.

Medium x3 x6 x3


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.

Picture Skill Name Description Type & Level
Papuru Skill 1
1. Judgement Fire an arrow. Hit allies recover while hit enemies take damage. Team Level 3
(Default Skill)
Papuru Skill 2
2. Requiem Generate multiple pillars that deal damage on collision. Team Level 5
(Default Skill)
Papuru Skill 3
3. Cerberus Fire three arrows in forward directions. Hit allies recover while hit enemies take damage. Team Level 4
(Additional Skill)
Papuru Skill 4
4. Orthrus Fire two arrows arcing from her left and right sides in a circular pattern. Hit allies recover while hit enemies take damage. Team Level 4
(Additional Skill)


  • The name "Papuru" is a corruption of the Japanese word パープル (Pāpuru), meaning "purple".
  • The name and design of Papuru's partner Seija reference the Angel of Light and Shadow from Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!
  • Papuru's attire is a prison uniform, complete with shackles.
  • Early concept art features a sketch of Devil Bomber's head, a Seija-type entity with his horns, and a general motif modeled after him.
  • The Orthrus skill was added in the QMA X Bombergirl Crossing of Paths Gacha event on September 19, 2019.
  • Cerberus and Orthrus were multi-headed guard dogs and brothers, in Greek mythology. The number of heads each dog had corresponds to the number of arrows Papuru fires in her respective skills.
  • When Bombergirl first came out, she was the only unlockable character.
  • Papuru is the 5th playable character added to Bombergirl.



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