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Gameplay from the Neo Geo version

The Panic Bomber series is a spin-off series of the Bomberman series, made up of puzzle-based video games developed by Hudson Soft. Multiple versions were released for various systems, most of them exclusively in Japan.

List of Panic Bomber Games


The goal of the game is essentially to cause your opponent to lose by causing their gameplay field to fill to the top with objects. You do this by causing chains of bombs to explode, sending useless rubble over to your opponent's field, which they must then remove themselves. Bombs are earned by causing chains of three identical blocks to disappear. Bombs can only be blown up with an explosion from a lit bomb, which falls from the top of the screen every so often. If the player causes enough damage, they can eventually earn a giant bomb, which will remove a large amount of debris from the playing field, and cause their opponent a good deal of trouble. If the field is almost filled, this doesn't mean that the player is going to lose. Even while losing, a lucky player may get a red bomb, which will detonate all bombs. Some strategies include joining as many Bomberman blocks as possible to grow your big bomb (or fill your big bomb meter in the Super Famicom version), and then spawn it (to fill your opponent field quickly). Another effective but risky strategy is filling almost all your field (but a single line must be unfilled, preferably the one in the middle). Remove three or more blocks on the field, and depending on how the blocks are set, they start producing chain reactions. One combo gives a small amount of bombs, while additional combos give a bigger amount of bombs. A fifth combo releases some red bombs, and a sixth or better combo summons the "rocket" (mini-rockets in the Super Famicom version), producing an instant win.

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