Panic Bomber (Virtual Boy) or Tobidase! PaniBon (とびだせ!ぱにボン) is one of the many offsprings of the Panic Bomber Series. This game only has a single player mode and was intended to have a multiplayer one, but the link cable for the Virtual Boy was never released.

This version of Panic Bomber takes on a horror theme, using classic movie monsters in Bomber form as bosses. This game is also unique in that it allows the player to select what type of blocks they would like to use, although the only difference between them is their appearance.


As taken from the US Manual:

"The dark island of Ever-Mist is permanently enshrouded in a deep, dreary fog. Many adventurers have traveled there in quest of the legendary Golden Statue of Bomberman, but none have returned...
Story PBVB

Story from the JP Manual

The legend states, "He or she who gathers together the three celestial medals of power, which on the island of Ever-Mist, shall open the gates and gain access to the statue." Learning this, Bomberman sets off on another great adventure!"

Single Player

There are three areas each with two monsters and then a boss. After completing all three levels, the final one will appear which features two more bosses. The player can witness an extra piece of the ending if they finish the game on Hard mode. If they defeat Count Dracu-boom in the first two rounds on any difficulty, they will face Ms. Flashy. However, if they defeat Ms. Flashy on Hard mode, they will see her added to the extra ending.

List of Opponents In Order

The Scary Ruins

The Sinister Forest

Desert of Desolation

Doom Castle


  • The menu theme in this game is taken from Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W.
  • Some game sprites are from Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W, which in turn borrowed heavily from previous entries.
  • Like Panic Bomber W, most of the music in this game is from the Neo Geo version of Bomberman: Panic Bomber.
  • The dancing Bomberman sprite in the menu resembles the Tiny Bomber pose from Bomberman '94 (in the character select).
  • Due to palette limitations, the different-colored Bomberman blocks weren't used. Instead, different sprites were used, such as monsters or World Bomber blocks.
  • The game over screen is different from the previous Panic Bomber games.


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