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Pampu[1] is a boss character who appears in Saturn Bomberman Fight!!. She is considered the goddess of death and conceals her identity with a pumpkin.


Pampu called herself the greatest death goddess in the world, however, all of the souls that she had collected were of poor quality. Eventually, she became disenchanted, questioning her own abilities. One day, while drifting through the air, she stumbled upon the Bomber Tournament. Realizing the potential for good quality souls in the competition, Pampu joined the tournament so that she could steal the souls of the other participants, but at the end, she actually didn't want the souls, so she reformed and left, revealing her true human form by taking off her pumpkin.[2]

Story Mode[]

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  • "Pampu" comes from the Japanese word "panpukin" (パンプキン), which is a transliteration of the English word "pumpkin".
  • In Bomberman Quest, after Chaos Bomber has been defeated, Pampu will appear on top of the Bomber Shuttle in Peace Town.
  • Pampu has walking sprites and a "hurt" frame in Bomberman Quest, indicating that she was originally intended to be another secret boss.
  • Her character design resembles that of Dark Piece, a boss character from the Bomberman Land series, though it is unknown if they stand in any relation to each other. However, they're not related.
  • She speaks with a thick Osaka accent.


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