Pakkunga is an enemy that appears in Super Bomberman 4 and Bomberman Max. It comes from a mechanical Egg.

Super Bomberman 4

Pakkunga moves at a normal pace in a straight line until it collides with a block, bomb, or other enemy, at which point it pauses and then chooses a random direction and continues to move. It may choose to reverse directions even if it is not at a dead end. It will harm the player on collision.

If Pakkunga lines up horizontally or vertically with a bomb and there are no obstacles between them, it will move quickly in the direction of the bomb. Once it lands on top of the bomb, Pakkunga will detonate it while remaining undamaged.

Upon defeat, Pakkunga becomes a mechanical Egg. In Battle Mode, it can be found randomly in Eggs that are uncovered in Soft Blocks.


Players who ride Pakkunga are able to use the Line Bomb ability.

Bomberman Max

Pakkunga moves at a normal pace, randomly turning at intersections. If it lines up horizontally or vertically with the player, it will begin to pursue the player for a period of time. It also has the ability to safely eliminate bombs that it moves onto, without a detonation.


  • "Pakku" is a Japanese sound effect for eating.


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