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Oyabon is a character from the Bomberman Jetters anime, debuting in Episode 34.


He is a student of Momo and is the old rival of Mighty. He and Mighty both entered the Bomberman Tournament, but no matter how hard he tried, Oyabon could not beat Mighty. Later on in his life, he opened his own dojo and is now followed by Kobon, his loyal student.

White Bomber once entered the Bomberman Tournament and had to face Oyabon in the semi-finals, but White Bomber was distracted with saving Kobon from falling and didn't arrive in time for his match, so Oyabon got to the finals, but lost to Zero. He later joins White Bomber to gain Bomb Stars and the Jetters against Dr. Mechado.


Oyabon looks like a large bulky version of Black Bomber.


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